Terms of use

    Terms of use Browsing this website and using it are subject to what is stated in this document, and they constitute approval and commitment by the customer:
    The credibility and authenticity of the information
    A) The information on this site is based on information obtained from available and known sources, from reports and / or from other sources identified as approved. However, we have not verified the information and / or have not verified it, nor pretend to provide it as complete, accurate or reliable information.
    B) FOREX is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the use of the site and / or the information provided therein due to the breakdown and / or collapse of the site, including its various services, whether due to a malfunction in the Internet and / or the computers of the internet providers and / Or on the customer’s computer.
    C) In all cases where there is a contradiction and / or inconsistency between the information appearing on the website and the information recorded in the FOREX records, the information recorded in the FOREX records is approved. FOREX will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that might occur as a result of agreeing to the information appearing on the site.
    This website, this information and programs you can download from it and any other matters published therein are subject to international copyright laws.
    Use of the site is subject to conditions of legal use in accordance with these laws. Reproduction, modification, publication or commercial use of information is only permitted with permission of the copyright holders.
    Conditions have changed
    FOREX reserves the right to change the site from time to time, including adding and / or stopping services and / or changing site instructions and conditions and / or stopping the site activities in whole or in part, all by its own decision. The customer is not entitled to file a complaint or claim, and he is not entitled to receive any compensation for any damage that he claims is caused by the change.
    Documentation and anti-money laundering laws
    FOREX adheres to anti-money laundering laws and makes every effort to verify the identity of its clients. As an FOREX customer, you are required to provide valid copies of a set of documents. Clients who cannot submit these valid documents within 7 days of the date their account is activated – their accounts will be blocked until these documents are sent via email or fax to our compliance department. You can contact us for any questions related to this matter by email: compliance forex.com.
    Third party software
    The site may allow the downloading of programs. FOREX and / or the software producer are not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of downloading the mentioned programs, and / or as a result of using any software downloaded from the site.
    The customer adheres to the terms of use and the legitimacy of the agreements
    These Terms of Use are in addition to the contract signed between FOREX and the customer, and this document does not change or cancel any conditions for this contract.