Tips on Bitcoin

Tips on Bitcoin

    Tips on Bitcoin

    The History of Bitcoin

    In November 2008, an article entitled "Bitcoin: One-for-One" was published to an encrypted mailing list under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. This article addressed the ways in which a single-to-one network is used as an "electronic transaction system without relying on trust." In January 2009, the Bitcoin network came into being with the release of the first open source customer of Bitcoin and the release of the first bitcoin, and Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to extract bitcoinever.

    Trade by trend

    As they say, "This trend is your friend, until it ends." And aim for traders according to the trend to enter for a long time up or down and ride the wave until it is exhausted. Unlike swinging traders, trend-oriented traders often don't have a predetermined target in place. This is especially true when the price reaches new highs, as Bitcoin did from early to late November of 2013, when it moved from $ 250 to more than $ 1,000 per single bitcoin.
    Determining the trend in the market is an art form, because the formation of trends is unclear in the early stages. A clear indication of the emerging trend is that the price is constantly achieving highs or lows to the lowest level. The breach of some previously important levels confirms this trend. Trends are gaining momentum as market participants are "like a herd". If this trend is particularly strong, then it is soon noticed by the financial media, which is directing more people to participate in this trend.
    The best traders by trend are those who enter as quickly as possible and exit before the trend reverses. Trying to pick peaks and bottoms is a foolish task but - better to wait for trend confirmation by indicators to gauge momentum, and make profit sooner rather than later.
    Like swing trading, trend trading is a good fit for CFDs. Although waves / trends are present in all time frames, when trading CFDs it is best to look for large moves over the longer time frames; Multiple days, weekly or monthly.

    To trade during the hours of the day

    Traders during the day only keep trades as long as they are "in service"- usually 12 to 16 hours but sometimes longer. In bitcoin trading charts, you'll often see traders during the day complaining about lack of sleep because they take care of a particular deal they can't afford to close. Traders may trade fluctuations and/or trends during the day and some will participate in the scalping process (covered below).

    Traders during the day are likely to track charts for one hour or parts of the hour, sometimes indicating higher time frames. This trading style is best for those who want to make Bitcoin trading their main function. Traders during the day are well aligned with CFDs, except in times of low volatility when price movements are simple.


    Scalping traders try to take advantage of minute-to-minute moves, often using the imbalances in the demand book to make a lot of simple profits. They tend to use graphs of 5 minutes or less. This method is not entirely suitable for CFDs because of spreads, making trading fees higher than expected.
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